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1. To promote the game of 14.1 straight pool by offering a structured competitive venue that could foster tutelage, mentorship, and game knowledge through the interaction of professional and non-professional players.
2. To offer a challenging tournament format for the game of straight pool 14.1 in which all skill levels could compete under a relatively level playing field and fair environment, while providing incentives for both the professional and nonprofessional player.
3. To establish a regularly scheduled quarterly tournament (four times per year) that will attract local men and women players from within and around the Northern New Jersey area.
4. To promote the game of 14.1 straight pool as the principal game of pocket billiards, and all games of billiards as an athletic endeavor for which great mental and physical skill and control are required.
1. Player Integrity - Honesty and integrity will be demanded from all players, particularly when it comes to the player's Skill Level. A player's Skill Level at the start of each tournament will be established solely on verifiable information provided on the Certification Form to be submitted by players at least three (3) days prior to entry into their first tournament, unless accepted by the Tournament Director on the day of the event. Any false, misleading, or fraudulent representation made knowingly or unknowingly on Certification Form by a player or individual certifying the form, for the purpose of that player obtaining an unfair advantage, will be grounds for immediate and permanent rejection from current and all future tournaments produced by SDA Productions, forfeiture of all winnings past and present, and prosecution to the fullest extent permitted by law.
2. Skill Level - The player's Skill Level being Certified on the Player's Skill Level Certification Form shall be based on that player's consistent, regular, or often high ball runs (not highest) achieved during competitive play (not practice) in the game of 14.1 straight pool, which would include venues such as tournament play, league play, or private one on one matches that were recorded or are verifiable. The player's Skill Level shall be based on a two-year time period from the date Certification Form was signed. If the player has been absent from the game of 14.1 straight pool for a period longer then two years, then that player shall be obligated to obtain current documental or verifiable evidence for the Skill Level being certified (vis-a-vis, one of the noted venues) or they will not be permitted to participate in the tournament or at a Skill Level assigned by the Tournament Director.
3. Disputes - All types of disputes in connection with this match play will be mediated by the Tournament Promoter, Director, and/or designated Referee, and their individual or collective decision shall be final. Any player may challenge another player's Skill Level at any time and may continue to play under protest. If after observation of the player's performance by the Promoter, Director, and/or Referee an adjustment in that player's Skill Level is required, irrespective of the basic tournament rules, an adjustment shall be made at the discretion of the Promoter, Director, and/or designated Referee. Player's may call for the designated referee to witness and/or rule on any play or shot during a match. Protest matches shall be evaluated on case-by-case bases, but without the benefit of the Promoter, Director or designated Referee as a witness to the play or shot, a ruling would likely side with the status quo or outcome.
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