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Most current BCA Rules for Tournament Play, General Rules of Pocket Billiards, and 14.1 Game Rules, shall apply.
Supplementary Rules:
1. Dress code - neat and clean. No shorts, sandals, bare feet, or clothing not being properly worn.
2. Smoking not permitted in game room. Cell phones and headsets turned off.
3. One, five (5) minute time-out allowed per match. Two, five (5) minute time-outs allowed for semi-final and final matches.
4. Re-racking shall be permissible if 15th ball, when set on foot spot, does not come in full contact of rack - only if rack has not been touched.
5. Foul Rules:
  a. Loss of point for each foul plus loss of points equal to 20% of player's Match Points for three       successive fouls.
  b. Cue Ball Fouls only prior to and after execution of the shot, except if two or more object balls       are moved.
  c. All Ball Fouls during execution of the shot - no balls can be touched by body, hair, jewelry, or       clothing.
  d. Player on two fouls must be advised by their opponent, and must acknowledge being advised       of being on two fouls as that player with two fouls comes to the table. If the player on two       fouls executes a shot before being advised by their opponent, that player shall remain on two       fouls after the shot. (Also refer to WPA rule 6.14).
6. Lag for choice to break or not to break, coin tossing for breaking option not permitted.
7. Near rail safety rule in effect pursuant to BCA "14.1 Continuous" rule 6.7 (2).
8. "Special Intentional Foul Penalty" rule in effect pursuant to BCA "General Rules of Pocket Billiards" rule 3.29. Further, a hit of the cue ball must be made with the front face (not side) of cue tip and with a forward motion in any direction.
9. Compliance with Tournament Format, and Tournament Objectives and Bylaws.
10. Compliance with "Match Time Schedule". Warning given to both players if match extends into next round of tournament. Subsequent warnings given after each additional 30 minutes of play with a 5 point foul assessed against player causing delay of game, as determined by Tournament Director.
11. Scoring Protocol - Match scoring shall be recorded on Tournament supplied score sheet, which is based on "rack by rack" scoring. Both players must sign score sheet at conclusion of match in order for match to be considered final. Protested matches will be mediated by Tournament Director, whose decision will be final.
  a. Conclusion of all ball runs of any quantity, include a single ball run, must be shown on the       score sheet with an "x" mark for the last ball of the run pocketed. Score sheets that do not       utilize this scoring protocol will not be deemed official and any ball runs indicated will not be       counted.
12. Either player may call for a referee (or Tournament Director) to determinate acceptability of any shot. Also, all disputes shall be brought to Tournament Director's attention for immediate resolution.
13. Equipment : Compliance with BCA specifications. Jump cues not permitted.
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